Acoustics Masters Lecture Series 2022

Green Building Matters Lecture by Prof Ada Fung

Acoustics and Sustainability

Webinar in October 2022

Building Acoustics in Metaverse and the Real World

Webinar in September 2022

  • Latest trends in building acoustics – BIM, sustainable materials and architectural design
  • Acoustics for digital twins in the Metaverse and the integration with BIM
  • Building acoustics in the real world
  • The role of instrumentation in building acoustics

World Acoustics Women Roundtable

Webinar in August 2022

  • Propose as a joint activity with ASA “Women in acoustics” / Invite Chair Anna C. Diedesch
  • Inviting ASA members to share the interesting stories of their acoustics career

Soundscape in Action, an 2022 Update

Virtual Coffee Meet-up on in July 2022

  • Inviting all speakers from the Soundscape in Action 2020

Smart Acoustics Calibration for Smart Cities

Webinar in June 2022

  • Smart Acoustics Calibration for Smart Cities – the Singapore experience
  • The international standards of acoustics calibration and the growing demand in Asia
  • Calibration-as-a-Service in Hong Kong
  • Global emerging trends – the European perspectives on innovation and technologies

Sound Insulation between Dwellings

Webinar in July 2022

  • Statutory and non-statutory requirements in the US
  • The latest trends in Austria