Certificate ESG Foundation Course (CESGF)

Around ESG in 4 Hours

Certificate ESG Foundation Course is an introductory-level course on sustainability and the applications of ESG. The CESGF Course is suitable for:

  • Corporate Managers and Staff
  • Investors
  • Financial Advisors
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Analysts
  • Anyone interested in ESG

The CESGF learners come from:

Topics covered in the CESGF Course include:

  • An introduction to ESG and its importance
  • Key ESG Terms and Concepts
  • ESG Standards & Reporting
  • Best Practices in ESG
  • ESG in Corporate Context
  • ESG in Supply Chain
  • Green Finance
  • ESG Trends – Local and the Globe
  • Case Studies

CESGF is available in four languages: