ESG for HR Professionals – Certificate Course

Social ESG requirements are becoming more stringent in all businesses. The ESG job market is very hot at the moment, too. Jobseekers and current employees have a growing tendency to find a purpose in life and are happy to work with employers that share their values.

There is thus a growing demand for human resources practitioners to get prepared to address any ESG-related concerns in the workplace. The ESG for HR Professionals – Certificate Course, developed and offered by Matters Academy, aims to help the HR professionals learn the fundamentals of ESG through this online introductory-level course on sustainability and the applications of ESG and get ahead of the curve to win the race for ESG talent.

Key modules:

  • Introduction of ESG
    • The environmental aspects of ESG
    • The social aspects of ESG
    • The governance aspects of ESG
  • Notes for HR professionals
  • ESG in Corporate Context
    • Doing and not doing ESG
    • ESG integration
    • How ESG contributes to talent retention
    • Difference between ESG and CSR
    • Customers perception
    • Getting started
  • Best Practice of ESG
  • ESG Reporting
  • ESG Standards
  • Quiz (you need to pass the quiz to earn the certificate)

Matters Academy also offers the Certificate ESG Foundation Course (CESGF). Our learners come from:

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ESG for HR