ESG for Relationship Managers Certificate Course

According to, relationship managers are an essential part of banks and other financial organisations as they help to increase client satisfaction and generate more revenue for the company.

As bank relationship managers usually help customers with their investments and financial planning, and ESG is becoming mainstream, it’s important to understand more about the ESG If you’re hoping to become a more knowledgeable bank relationship manager.

risks that clients or customers want to avoid.

Key modules:

  • Introduction of ESG
    • The environmental aspects of ESG
    • The social aspects of ESG
    • The governance aspects of ESG
  • Notes for Relationship Managers
  • ESG in Corporate Context
    • Doing and not doing ESG
    • ESG integration
    • How ESG contributes to talent retention
    • Difference between ESG and CSR
    • Customers perception
    • Getting started
  • Best Practice of ESG
  • ESG Reporting
  • ESG Standards
  • Quiz (you need to pass the quiz to earn the certificate)

Matters Academy also offers the Certificate ESG Foundation Course (CESGF). Our learners come from:

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