Green Buildings & Sustainable Built Environment for Everyone, Everywhere:Smart and Healthy within the 1.5 Degrees

Green Building Matters Lecture by Prof Ada Fung

Matters Lecture Series

Buildings are responsible for a massive share of global carbon emissions, energy consumption, and global material use. Beginning from construction and throughout the lifespan of the building, it can be a big polluter and have serious impacts on the environment. However, the global population is growing every day, which only means that more and more buildings will continue to be constructed.

In the face of climate change and air pollution, many turn to green and sustainable buildings to reduce the environmental impacts of buildings, in hopes that this will help us meet the global goal of net zero emissions. 

In this lecture, Prof. Ada Fung talks about the green building movement in the world, how it is working toward advancing net zero, and the health and wellbeing aspects of buildings. She also brings it closer to home by sharing some examples of public housing in Hong Kong, saying that they are planned for liveability and sustainability.

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