Hospital Extension


The recent pandemics has accelerated the pace of building more capacity for hospitals. In urban areas, it is not easy to find spacious lands to build new hospitals as it involves not just the hospital building itself but also the road access and auxiliary buildings. It is thus a logical next step to build extension to existing hospitals.

However, during the course of construction, the associated activities can create vibration and noise impacts to the respective medical instrument and patients of the existing hospital. Some of the instrument are mission critical and very sensitive to external vibration.

To ensure the instruments, when operated, are not subject to intolerable vibration due to the construction activities of the extension works, it requires a substantial amount of labour force to do vibration measurements on site, identify problems and report findings. Not to mention the internal paperwork, submission and approval, the overall process can take a long time. Sometimes it can be too late, as the instrument may have been damaged.

ANDANTE is the solution adopted by four major hospitals in Hong Kong in their extension projects to automate their internal management of vibration related matters. From measurement, compliance check, to complaint handling, ANDANTE manages all the internal workflow, submission and approval processes.