#PyPcPs Episode 13

ESG Career Talk U.K. Edition

Paving your professional career path in sustainability in U.K.

Sustainability is a rising sector gaining increasing attention and interest. However, the general consensus is that there is a need for the market to build up ESG capacity to keep up with this movement. 

Some of the questions commonly asked by those who would like to pursue a career in sustainability and ESG include:

  • What is a typical path to becoming an ESG/sustainability professional? 
  • What skills and knowledge are needed? 
  • What does the job entail? 
  • What roles and functions are available?  
  • What are the differences between working for a consultancy firm and working for a corporation? 
  • What are the prospects, both locally or globally?

In this #PyPcPs series, seasoned sustainability professionals are invited from different industries to share their personal career journeys, words of advice, and insights on job prospects. You will be able to receive first-hand information from these practitioners.

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