Railway Construction


The spatial scope and temporal coverage of a railway line are usually extensive. The associated construction activities can create prolonged impacts to a wide coverage of community, if not properly managed.

To understand what is going on at the construction sites, it requires a substantial amount of labour force to do noise measurements on site, identify problems and report findings. Not to mention the internal paperwork, submission and approval, the overall process can take a long time.

ANDANTE is the solution adopted by the major railway company in Hong Kong in two of their mega projects to automate their internal management of noise related matters. Both of the projects lasts for over 6 years. From noise measurement, compliance check, to complaint handling, ANDANTE manages all the internal workflow, submission and approval processes.

According to our client, “ANDANTE is estimated to have saved 20% of the manpower needed, which equates to about 7,000 man-hours that would otherwise be spent on travelling to and from noise monitoring stations, monitoring and handling noise data.”