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Smart and Healthy within the 1.5 Degrees

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Buildings generate nearly 40% of annual global CO2 emissions, as revealed by Among which, building operations are responsible for 28% annually, while building materials and construction (typically referred to as embodied carbon) are responsible for an additional 11% annually.

To combat climate change and achieve carbon neutrality, the building industry has been doing a lot.

In this Matters Lecture, supported by Smart City Consortium, Prof. Ada Fung will talk about the global green building movement, how it is working towards achieving the net zero targets and the health and wellbeing aspects of buildings. Prof Fung will also bring it closer to home by sharing some examples of public housing in Hong Kong, and how they are planned for liveability and sustainability.

As usual, if you have any questions in mind, please feel free to write to us or leave in the comments below. We will share them with the speaker for trying to address during the session.