Tree Management System


DANTE Tree is an award winning platform designed to allow better management of trees in the city. Using geospatial technologies, the platform can be used in different types of projects.

GIS Based Tree Register

For example, a tree register has been set up using geographical information system (GIS) technologies to promote community involvement in tree risk management to better protect public safety. Information is disseminated on a geo-referenced map with search functions and statistical summary, according to the following categories of trees:

  • Important trees that are subject to regular monitoring including Old and Valuable Trees (OVT) and Stone Wall Trees (SWT)
  • Tree infested by Brown Root Rot Disease (BRRD) that require necessary treatment and monitoring
  • Problematic trees as identified in the annual Tree Risk Assessment that require continuous monitoring

Tree Health and Risk Evaluation

Another example is the development of a collaborative platform that acts as a central control hub for conducting tree health and risk evaluation for over 3,000 trees during the construction of a major railway link. This web based application is loaded with built-in local arboriculture knowledge and provides visualisation interfaces for ease of use and reference by the project team. As revealed by the client, “since the implementation of the system, the survival rate of the trees (both transplanted and retained) has been maintained well above 90% with no incidents or accidents related to tree health.”