Vantage Matters Calling for Topics and Speakers

Green Building Matters Lecture by Prof Ada Fung

Not a common debate

In a typical session of Vantage Matters, there are 2 speakers and 1 moderator (someone who is informed on the subject but unbiased).

The speakers would take a stance on the subject with a list of pre-determined points so that it’s a fair comparison.

Topics valid from both perspectives are selected (not like flat Earth vs round Earth). We hope the audience can gain perspective from the debate and come up with their own perspective so that it’s not a polarising series.

Tentative topics:

  • Nuclear Energy – transition energy?
  • Hydrogen – Gas of the future?
  • REC trading – unbundled vs unbundled?
  • Transition companies (O&G) – should they be considered or abandoned?
  • Prioritisation of the SDGs – are all goals created equal?
  • Carbon Taxation – mandatory now?
  • Greenwashing – a debate on cases
  • ESG Movement – who is the driver? (consumer/policy-maker/companies)
  • Consumer responsibility – a discussion on how to encourage change (where we are now?)
  • Work from home vs work in office

Discussions and Q&A